Optimized landing pages improve user experience

There are countless approaches to increasing conversion rates. Until now, many website operators and online marketers relied on analyses to first find out the causes of low conversion and then turn things around.

This was usually not an easy task but it could become much easier. After all, this optimization process could be taken over by a software tool that generates optimized landing pages fully automatically.

As important as conversion rates are for website operators, many online marketers are at a loss as to how to get the best out of their pages. Until now, only a thorough analysis of the problem could lead to sustainable success. But now a software tool promises help with conversion optimization: The profit tool “convertizer” from the Leipzig-based provider of digital business, FS eCommerce GmbH, focuses on the user experience when searching for products. And for good reason: all too often, the results displayed match the search terms far too little, which annoys many customers. In addition, the results pages are not very clear and that is not likely to have a positive effect on the buying mood either.

If a user does not see what the ad promised him beforehand, he aborts the search. So the question arises as to why there are often so few genuine hits in the results lists. Part of the reason is that store pages are static. That’s why providers can’t respond flexibly to the individuality of users and end devices. Added to this is the fact that customers are searching more and more individually. This increases the complexity of the keywords and also their number. Ideally, the right target page would have to be created for every keyword. However, it is obvious that this would be enormously costly and also not feasible manually. Another shortcoming: The assortments change rapidly in price, selection, and availability but the manually created landing pages do not update automatically, of course.

More real search hits through dynamic landing pages

A solution to this problem is offered by “convertizer”, the world’s first dynamic landing page. If a landing page is good, it increases sales and generates new customers. Ideally, it displays exactly what is promised to the customer in the AdWords ad. This is exactly what the convertizer does by automatically adjusting prices, images, elements, and products to the user’s source. Potential customers, therefore, see exactly what they want to buy – and therefore buy more often.

And the effort for the provider? Less! Because target pages no longer have to be created and managed manually in AdWords. A dynamic landing page is added to each online store, which automatically displays suitable products. This is done on the basis of the traffic source and in a strongly conversion-focused display. This saves a lot of time, increases purchase rates, and reduces bounces at the same time. Of course, those who optimize their landing pages in this way radically reduce their click costs. With the help of active account control, the overall cost structure in the account can be improved and paid traffic can be purchased more cheaply. Full control is ensured by a tracking function. Since this solution can be integrated into all store systems, it is of course of interest to any e-retailer who advertises. A monthly fixed fee is charged, depending on the traffic.